Air Transportation

Ave Logistics ,

In today’s era that everything and everybody is racing against time, the importance of the air transport is step forward for the urgent delivery of the materials. Therefore, our air cargo department provides you Economical and high quality service timely by combining its expert staff and the agency network with organization ability. Your export cargos are transported to all the bonded airports urgently, Economicalally and in a high quality way.
Via our powerful agencies in all the countries, your import cargos are conveyed to your address as effortless and Economical.
- Export and Import
   • Door to door
   • Airport to airport
   • Door to airport
   • Airport to door
- Partial and Complete Charter
   • for out of gauge cargos
   • Special and Economical solutions
   • Exclusive experience
- Combined Transport
   • Air + sea / air + truck transportation
   • Transit shipments
   • Quick and reliable service
- Courier
- Groupage